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I won't say how good I may have thought it was, for fear of jinxing it. Or something. So this will contain only the negative thoughts.

SAT II Writing.
My essay sucked. I never written anything with so little solid support. The question was: write about this sentence after filling it in: People often overestimate the importance of ____________________. I used "Statistics" although I was considering "Time" or "Money" or "Love" as well, but eh... god, I bssed so much there.....
The multiple choice. Plegh, some stuff was just weird.

SAT II Math IIc.
Eh. I'm sure there were a few things I wasn't too sure about here, knowing my usual carelessness.

SAT II Physics.
Hahahahahaha. I failed.
No, really, I did. I had to half-guess on nearly 60-70% of the questions, since I had either forgotten about the topic, or we hadn't covered it in class and all the studying I had done over the summer had run away from my brain. Or taken a vacation. O.o

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