Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

NaNoWriMo 2012: A MLP fanfiction.

As posted on Facebook:
Phooey, Nanowrimo is down (nginx failure, apparently). I'm only at 375/50,000 words. This has been a terrible start. At least I (kinda) know where I'm going with this story. Having a plot sketched out beforehand makes a surprising amount of difference when writing. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing has yet to be seen. Also, as fanfiction, working in someone else's world (additional constraints on locations and characters) is quite interesting.

More about the planned story / other stuff not posted to FB:
Standard adventure plotline, generally following Voyage and Return on one group and potentially The Quest on the other group. (,

Using the My Little Pony world, although adding a few race of felines (Hey, there's Diamond Dogs. Shouldn't there be cats of some sort? Other than Opal? I need a name for these, by the way, so suggestions are welcome. Otherwise, they're tentatively named "Carbon Cats", but that's silly and boring) and working in a race of Deer from a different fanfic (, although I think said deer are going to be more seers and tricksters than the deer that was in that story.

Making use of the Equestria Map found here:
And the Ponyville Map drawn up by Aurebesh found here:

Kinda nice not having to design my own map. Although it also means I'm somewhat constrained by the geography. Can't randomly plop in a mountain. XD

As for characters, I'm using the CMC and the mane 6. So yay, don't have to design my own characters. And arrgh, need to figure out how to write in Applejack's accent. And stay true to their characters. And writing 6 characters traveling together is going to be interesting. (I think the big challenge here is making sure they get equal "screen" time. I'm not sure how to accomplish this.)

In other news:
MLP Season 3 really really soon. Squee!

Halo 4 getting released on Nov. 6. A wonderful birthday present, whee. I've preordered, although I hadn't planned on doing NaNoWriMo when I preordered, and now that I am doing NaNoWriMo, I'm not sure I'll have the time to play. :\

Voted (by mail). Yay. Gods, I hope Obama wins.

Life / status update:
PuzzleBang 2012 went well. Prizes were awesome, all money put towards the event has been covered by my company or ACM via company sponsorship. I think everyone had fun - I know I did.

I live up in San Francisco now, in a small, and bloody expensive studio in North Beach. Old place has finally been rented out (just barely covers my rent, which is nice). I really appreciate having a 10-15 minute bike commute, instead of a 1.2-1.5 hour bike-train-bike commute. Although, I'm not sure I've used the time effectively to get more done. Slightly less exercise too (2x 1.5 mi bike rides is now down to a 2 mi bike ride).

I really should be writing more in NaNoWriMo instead of blogging, but... meh, need to 'talk' about something else. Depressingly, this post is past 500 words, almost twice what I wrote for NaNoWriMo. Blah. I need to be more descriptive when writing. Wish my knowledge of words was stronger. I envy some of the fanfic authors who've got this awesome control over building pretty things with words. Like "Short skirts and explosions"'s The End of Ponies ( ::le sigh:: Maybe I should to re-read their works (or maybe read other works of fantasy and fiction I have) and copy their style. If only I had time...

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