Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Kill Bill

It was an ok movie. I mean, besides the excessive amounts of blood, occasional stupid acting, and that tirade of curse words at the beginning, and bizarre insistence on using swords, it was ok.

The blood was the most disturbing, yet second most hilarious thing in the movie. Blood would literally squirt some 2-4 feet into the air, make small pump-like sounds, and then cover everything. It was massively overdone.

The most amusing part was her fight (whatshername? It eludes me) against that last (little..?) boy/defender/kid/person. He was quaking with fear, and so she just chopped his sword into pieces and proceeded to spank him with the flat of her sword. And told him to go home and behave. Yessu, most amusing~ =^.^=

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