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A story...

One fine day, a powerful Queen came to a baker and requested a cake. The baker agreed and baked the cake as promised. However, she found, at the completion of her cake, that she had nothing to serve it upon, no platter of gold or silver, no glass plate to accompany it with. She asked her neighbor, a blacksmith, to help her. The blacksmith, who, seeing it only as a request and a chance to get her wares presented in court, agreed to help her neighbor by creating a silver plate for the cake.

However, rather unknown to the blacksmith, the baker had hurt the close friends of the local merchant. Now, the blacksmith was also very close friends with the local merchant, although she had heard about the evils of the baker, the blacksmith did not truly know, and so she counted them only as rumors and gave them only as much credit as rumors deserved. She felt that it was wisest to always hear both sides of a story before drawing any sort of judgment, and she hadn't the time to ask around for the details or the other side of the story. The local merchant, upon hearing of the silver plate, grew upset and began to talk less with the blacksmith, who grew hurt and confused, fearing she may have lost yet another dear friend.

What should the blacksmith do? The merchant? The baker?

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