Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Naruto 56

So cool. Posting this because no one cares, really. Or at least I'm not aware anyone does.. yet. ::shrugs::

Naruto finally summoned a real frog. First some 20 minutes of the episode was just filler crap. Then he makes contact with Kyobi, the fox demon inside him... who's aware of Naruto o.O and Naruto tell Kyobi to give him power in exchange as rent.... and Kyobi accepted that too readily. I smell a trap. ::sighs:: As in, he's dealing with the devil. Oh well, I also foresee Naruto beating the crap out of Kyobi when the time comes, so that's good.

And he summons a big frog. o.O go Naruto

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