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Cosplay (anime club):
Gods, I love the freshmen in our anime club. Not only are they eager to take part in the club, they have webspace, DDR mats (or pads), Naruto fetishes... etc.

Me, self picture of the cat-ears (really bad picture, close your eyes and don't look, or else you'll be blinded): DSCN2175.jpg. It's really bad, because I took it while checking to make sure the ears were at the right place... =^.^=;;

I probably should stop listening to this on repeat... ::sings along softly::

The reaction from the cat-ears was interesting... the more perverted, yaoi inclined (or anime inclined) females that I passed by or talked to all told me how cute I was. The less perverted told me it looked really really bad.... and that cat ears were for girls. And then several guys asked what happened to my dignity (::snorts:: I had dignity? O.o) =^^=;;;.

You know, being told that I'm cute is nice. :D Almost makes me want to wear them more... 'cept that'd just ruin the effect over time. I'll save it for college and scare my roommate. ::cackles:: (hope I get someone who's open-minded enough... and preferably like anime. And is outgoing, but not stupidly so. Am I asking for too much?)

On the other hand, I think wearing the cat-ears makes me stupid. I'm serious. I kept blanking out on my math test, which I needed to pass. >.< Well, maybe not stupid, just... kinda... emptyheaded? Like catgirls sometimes tend to be? o.O or maybe it's just my subconsciousness playing tricks on me.

You know, I'm going to get to work now. I said I'd skip the party to work on College Apps and reading Stalin & Stalinism (Martin McCauley, if anyone wants to look it up and give me an outline? ::begs nicely::)... but what have I done so far? I made minor changes to the Anime Club website (updated calendar, set up gallery for cosplay pics), Math Team website (added sponsors), fucked (not literally, Lady. Hush) around on, burned Lady's 24 S1 episodes (I need another two CDs... at episode 20), started downloading 24 S2 (oooh, 8GB! oh, wait, there it goes again. ::waves:: I'll see you later), updated iHam on iRye server on my sister's iMac (hah, I can control what she listens to now ::evil, dictatorshipish cackle::), checked e-mail, watched Naruto 56 and Galaxy Railways 2.

on the bright side, monday and tuesday are both half-days. Lady, what are you going to do between lunch and drama on monday? (if we're not starting immediately? checking with chief sammy~ (hey, I like that. mmmm... wonder if I should make him a name tag. would he wear it? should/could we get him to wear it?))

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