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NaNoWriMo, part 3 posted.

[ edit | NaNoWriMoProMe removed. Just see the other one some posts before ]

(+1074 words since last post)
- Word count: 3,606 / 50,000. We are 7.212% done -

Mmm... creativity is running a bit low. Time to start on homework, whee. (heh, god bless the teachers for not giving so much homework today. Hopefully this nice lack of homework will stay the same for another... 26 days?)

(^.^)// ::cheers himself on::

(hmm, found another site with smiles... more weirdness.)

The AMV that Ghibli studios made to go with this song is beautiful.... trying to decide if that's why this song is beautiful (even though I don't understand a single word) or if it's because the music is good...

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