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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Thought processes.
It's so much harder to write a stupid character than a smart one. %gt;.%lt; I find Isabella getting smarter by the chapter. Must explain this somehow. Ah hah! I know... It's the wheat fields! They make people stay as smart as they were when they were first exposed to the wheat fields. ::nods:: So as their effect wears off, she'll get smarter and smarter until she reaches the intelligence level of a sixteen year old! Oooh, but she's been trying to get smarter for the whole 16 years while she was under the influence of the wheat fields... so maybe she'll get as smart as a 32 year old? Hmmm, nah. 16+8... umm.. 24 year old? ::shrugs:: How smart are 24 year old princess?

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