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IBCorner Status Note.

I'm going to go ahead and install 10.3

I'm expecting problems and complexities. Hopefully I won't have to reinstall all the perl modules, perl, mySQL, and other unix binaries that I have installed, but if I do, that may mean IBCorner will take longer to come back up.

All static (non-IBCorner/non-cgi/non-perl generated) sites will be available, I'm moving them over to my sister's iMac.

[ edit | 1:31 PM ]
Change in plans. Gold Master install disk that had propagated over BT some time ago (and still is propagating) doesn't boot. Copy protection? Probably. Downloading the other version that's out there. ::sighs:: Meanwhile, I'll using Pacifist to extract the files to a separate hard disk so I can get a feel of 10.3 and see if I really want to go through the pain of upgrading.

Really, Apple, why must you charge for system updates. So mean... ::sulks:: You already make us pay so much more for hardware... Granted, it's much better than PCs, but still....

Oh, and so IBCorner will remain up for a while longer. And I can continue to listen to DDR music.

[ edit | 6:50 PM ]
Well, files have been copied over. But it refuses to boot, so I still can't see the (supposedly) beautiful 10.3. ::pouts immaturely:: The 10.3 Server version CD does boot, however. And the installer is Pwetty. But it requires me to reformat a drive to install. And there's no way I'm doing that... there's some 25 GB of anime on one disk, 125 GB on the other, and all of my work on the main hard disk! And I can't back all of it up to CD either, I don't have enough CDs.

::sighs:: Woe is me.
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