Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Mmm... 10.3

It's nice, more glossy, and feels faster. Is it really faster? Dunno.

But there's some really, really cool effects... like switching between two active users. Oh, so cool.. O.O

Sucks that one has to enter in their password in order to switch between users. Can't run servers under an alternative user without having to enter in the password to switch to check on the servers.

Also, the hilighting/selection thing sucks. Ewwwwwie. what happened to good old right angles and nice colors and taking up less space? I think I need to play around with the settings.

And the font. Somehow everything feels fuzzy. Again, need to pull out TinkerTools and mess with things. My eyes feel weird.

On the bright side, there's lots of new fuctions and abilities to play with, like the remote access desktop thing that's now built in. Happiness. Just need to find my way to the client now.

Oh. And it removed all the perl modules. Phuck. Means I have to reinstall _all_ of them. That's... a good day of work there. But before I do that, I have to download the fragmented (or segmented - whatever) XCode. WHY CAN'T IT COME IN ONE BIG FILE, DAMNIT??? Ugh. frustrations (ftp server insisted on loading in finder, and then crapped out 20 minutes later. Same result when I tried the second time. Finally decided on pulling out iGetter and IE and downloading that-a-way. Watch it crap out on me anyways)

Oooh, but there's a new file open/save dialog box. Spiffy. Takes up slightly more space than before, but ehhh, it may turn out to be good.

Oh, the best part is Exposé. Dunno where they got the odd name, but it's very cool. I like being able to see my Desktop/Application Windows/All Windows with one single keystroke.

All in all, it's worth it if you think you would like new flashiness. If not, well, updating isn't quite necessary. Yet.

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