Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Gillette (razor company) sent me a happy 18th birthday present. A free razor and shaving gel stuff that's fun to play with (wheee, memories of elementary school and spreading the stuff on my desk for... reasons I no longer remember ^^;;).

o.O but how did they know it's my birthday. And my 18th birthday too. That's scary. ¬.¬;;; I think someone told them. Or they have people stalking me.

Mmm, perverted mind of mine~ ^___^

What it said:
"...Total comfort whether you shave down or up against the grain..."

What I saw:
"...Total comfort whether you shave down or up against the groin..."

My initial response:
"Wha....? Wait.. groin? oh.. wait... huh!?!? oh. OH! That's an 'a'!"

::rubs chin:: I suppose I could shave. ::sighs:: but doesn't shaving cause it to grow even faster? Like nails? (where if you cut it more often, it'll grow faster. Trust me, I played the piano, I know.) And then I'd have to shave more. Which would be a pain in the ass.

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