Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


We ordered my iPod today~ ::joy and guilt::

Research says:
Biggest problem is the battery - apparently the battery's life is only 1-2 years. And a replacement=send to apple, get new or refurbished device back for $99. So expensive...omg.

I need to get that Belkin battery pack. And use AA (or AAA? forget) batteries to power it so the internal battery doesn't die. But that seems somewhat silly.

And they say to recharge it often, and not waiting for it to drain completely. Whoops, I think I did the reverse with the camera battery, no wonder it seems so shortlived now.

And my internet connection keeps disconnecting or something. like.... netburps. o.O ::watches Adium log off... log back on... log off... on... off...on... off... on... And watching pages load is like watching watching myself panic. on and off and on~

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