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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!

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Benjamin Juang
[ Profile last touched | May 25, 2019 ]

Everything after this line is terribly out of date, but preserved because it's a part of me.


IBNeko is of class Lower Angel/Enlightened Feline. He has the Minor Seeing ability, as well as Low Level Weather Alterations. He is also occasionally able to touch and redirect Fate, although usually with opposite or unexpected results. He has a great affinity towards cute things, and is often found acting like a cat. If surprised, he will meow or yelp, typically to the surprise of those who don't know him that well.

IBNeko claims several nicknames, which include Numair, one reserved for online communities; Baka-Neko, his webmaster name and the name he once used to introduce himself to his anime club back at Richard Montgomery High School; IBNeko, his name used for journals; and finally, Ben, his real name.

He is physically male, but mentally... either female or too immature to be anything, depending on the people who are around him. He has the tendency to burst into songs from musicals and sometimes has fun skipping down hallways and aisles.

On the professional, real life side, he has the skills to handle a system/network administrator job, webmaster, and software engineer (w/ Perl, PHP, Ruby, and possibly even C and Java). While he's learned at basic Electrical Engineering concepts, having claimed an BS in EE from UIUC, asking him to do anything important with those skills will be met with a hasty escape. His ideal job is a security consultant / grey-hat hacker, but he's pretty certain he doesn't know enough yet to be worth hiring for this area just yet.

Since October, he has been working full time for SGN, originally on Warbook, and now on (fluff)Friends, both Facebook Applications.

His adopted/non-blood family includes Elissa ('Sis'), Katie, and Lily. Will consider additional siblings.

LJ Support/Abuse/Staff: In the event of an emergency, you can find my contact information here, along with other potentially useful information.

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