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Google: Free Today videos


Kinda spiffy. Felix the Cat, Mr Magoo, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Roger Ramjet...

And.. Something is haunting me O.o

That spoon is the second thing to just randomly fall while I'm around. O.o First was a large pile of pans. Granted, I didn't see how they were placed, but they were there at least for an hour, if not more. And the spoon as well. But the spoon wasn't badly placed. And I wasn't anywhere near the pans.
Neko (lofulah)

BumpTop 3D Desktop...


Via meiko. Get a livejournal, man. ;)

Hmmm, thoughts. I don't like it very much. It idea is cool, but you know, it would slow me down. Unless you can combine some nicer keyboard command based search/locate with that... And our current technology doesn't quite support it. Yes, there are tablet PCs, but using a pen to do this? Ehhhhh. Gonna be a bit awkward. A standalone tablet would be even worse.

Of course, I don't manage that many files on a daily basis; more art inclined people might find it more useful: imagine being able to play with images that way, and find the one you want at quick glance. No more naming of files~ just spread them out and find the image you want.

What I want is a desktop that fully supports touch-based window dragging. The prereqs of that, though, is either a big screen, or 3D sensitive space, so you can throw windows to the back, and pull them forwards, throw them off to the side, etc.

And hand gestures. Pointers wouldn't work well enough, being 2D... Imagine... conducting... combined with system manipulation... Of course, most people probably wouldn't need something that fancy; but coders, artists, system ops, etc. would probably benefit quite a bit. Gods, one can dream. =^_^=
Neko (lofulah)

Being pulled over for DUI...; Exam schedule


It's worth the few minutes, trust me.


Oh, yeah, someone remind me to post some of these Hooked on Classics pieces. Just pulled a number off gnutella-esque networks, so I can figure out which Hooked on Classics albums I might actually want to go buy. 'cause 128 kbps just ain't enough, for classical music, you know.


Stuff remaining:
Friday (tomorrow)
9 AM - Ice Skating written exam.
10:45 AM - Interview with Apple. o.O I can't believe I actually agreed to an interview. Fuck, I don't have formal shoes here with me... not like it's safe to walk in formal shoes right now. ::would slip and DIE::
3:00 PM - Work form stuff with TIS for temp job doing textbooks and such. Yay temp jobs.

8 AM - 11 AM : CS225 Final Exam
7 PM - 10 PM : ECE210 Final Exam

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM : PHYS212 Final Exam

Then I'll be done. Bus + Flight home on the 19th. Departing here at 8:45, arriving home by 6:40
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